Oregon State Rowing: Power in Every Stroke

Oregon State University (OSU) has a long-standing tradition of excellence in many sports, and its rowing program is no exception. Known for its rigorous training and competitive spirit, OSU rowing has established itself as a prominent force in collegiate rowing, participating actively in NCAA competitions and consistently developing athletes who perform at both national and international levels.

How It Started

Rowing at Oregon State began in the early 20th century, with the program gaining significant traction and support over the decades. The strategic location of OSU near the Willamette River provides an ideal setting for rowing, allowing the program to flourish naturally. Over the years, Beaver rowing has grown to include both men’s and women’s teams, each accumulating accolades and contributing to the storied history of athletics at the university.

Best of the Best

Several individuals have left a significant mark on the OSU rowing program through their leadership and athletic achievements:

  1. Chris Callaghan.
    Serving as the head coach for the men’s rowing team, Callaghan has been a pivotal figure in fostering talent and driving the team toward numerous successful seasons.
  2. Jane LaRiviere.
    As the head coach of the women’s rowing team, LaRiviere has been instrumental in guiding the Beavers to multiple NCAA championship appearances, enhancing the program’s reputation on a national scale.

Cultural and Social Impact

Today, Oregon State rowing continues to thrive, benefiting from exceptional coaching, dedicated athletes, and first-rate facilities. The program is committed to fostering a culture of excellence and integrity, both in sports and academics. The team trains at the state-of-the-art OSU Boathouse, which offers comprehensive training amenities tailored to meet the specific needs of rowing athletes.

The impact of OSU rowing extends beyond athletic achievements, playing a significant role in the university and local community.

Forward Stroke

As Oregon State rowing looks ahead, the program remains focused on upholding its traditions of discipline and excellence while embracing innovation and new challenges. With a robust support system and a continuous influx of passionate rowers, OSU rowing is set to continue its legacy, pushing athletes to achieve their best on the water and in life.

The commitment of its coaches and athletes ensures that Oregon State University will remain a key player in the world of collegiate rowing for years to come.